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Further research on the PT

Posted by azelg2 on December 13, 2010 at 7:20 AM

After submitting the FYP abstract and clearing up some confusions regarding the advisor and co-advisor, we sped up the hunt for ideas. We also began "market research" of those things which we will need to buy to in order to make the PT. Among the main things required are batteries, motors, microcontroller, gyroscopes, accelerometers etc. The inventory of the components required is as follows:

Batteries Around 500 Wh capacity, 24 or 48 V (depending on the motor). Lead-acid ones, even they have a poor energy/weight ratio, are the only ones we can afford. Cost : approx PKR 4000.

Motors To accelerate a 100 kg load to 10 m/s in 10 seconds with wheel diameter of 0.30 m, would require two 200W motors. The original segway uses 2 highly compact neodymium-magnet motors of 1,500W each, but they also cost thousands of dollars. We have to make do within few thousand Rs. So we will have to use slightly bulky and under-powered motors, but those which still do the job satisfactorily. Hence use of brushless DC motors is currently in planning. A pair will cost approx 5-10 thousand PKR.

Microcontroller We will be using the AVR ATMEGA32 microcontroller. It is quite powerful and will be more than enough for operating the PT. Cost (including board): PKR 600.

Gyroscopes and Accelerometers They will be used for tilt sensing. We have several options regarding this, including ones from Analog Devices and STMicroelectronics. Cost: approx Rs. 3000.

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