Abdullah-Zeerak Educational and Learning Group


AZELG is an effort by students to promote scientific knowledge and intellect,
Our aim is to  facilitate students and other individuals in sourcing e-books and reference material. It has always been our objective that we present the best and most appropriate resources to our viewers.There have been times when we had to struggle hard to keep our beneficiaries satisfied and cooperating.
The focus of AZELG is  on engineering and, being more specific,  on electronics engineering. We provide the largest number of books of this field and have a fair collection of the data sheets of most commonly used electronic devices. However, we would always welcome any collaboration to expand our expertise in other disciplines also.
The AZELG team is also keen to provide personal counseling and guidance in case any  individual needs help in understanding some scientific phenomena or needs any kind of help in academic course. Any such person may feel free to contact us through the described means.
This is a collaborative work and we are very desirous to to welcome the person if anyone takes the opportunity to contribute for this cause in any way.
If you have any suggestions, comments or questions, please inform us through our feedback.

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